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Experience the pain relieving, performance improving, flexibility increasing benefits of one-on-one assisted stretching. Sign up now and get a full 50-minute Mobility Assessment Stretch for only $49! ($100 Value!)

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Benefits of
Getting Stretched


Get stretched deeper than you can on your own. Getting a one-on-one stretch with a highly trained StretchLab Flexologist helps improve posture and mobility, increases workout results and performance, reduces muscle and joint pain, and relieves stress and tension. Whether you’re sitting at a desk all day, out on the field, or a fan of taking leisurely strolls, assisted stretching has benefits for you.


Customized Plan


One stretch doesn’t fit all, that’s why all your stretch sessions are customized specifically to your body’s needs and flexibility goals. Plus, with each Mobility Assessment Stretch you get a FREE full body assessments using our MAPS 3D Body Scanner. An exclusive piece of advanced technology available only in our studios to identify how well your body moves and track your progress. Your stretch sessions will be designed specifically for you to achieve your goals.

*Available only at locations with MAPS 3D body scanner.


Get Stretched


Want to play that extra round of golf, run a little faster, or even touch your toes? With StretchLab, all that and more is possible. StretchLab helps you regain control over your mobility and reclaim your freedom. Experience it for yourself.

Flexibility is the key to longevity, so let us help you Live Long!


I’m blown away by StretchLab. I feel instantly amazing after each session and notice results in the gym.

- Patrick S.

I love my Flexologist, Sheri. She always knows exactly what my body needs.

- Amanda R.

StretchLab has helped ease my chronic pain and has allowed me to play golf a few more times a month without being sore.

- Frank G.

What We Offer!

Everybody and every body is different. However, we all need to commit to our Flexibility Journey to reach and maintain our range of motion goals. Training for a marathon? StretchLab can help. Tired shoulders from too many office hours? StretchLab can help. Need a sturdier warrior pose in yoga class? StretchLab can help. Your Flexologist will partner with you to achieve and maintain the level of flexibility that’s right for you.

25-Minute Stretch

Our basic set of stretches that will concentrate on major muscle groups of the core, back, shoulders and hips. This is a great option if you are looking to improve your range of motion and freedom of movement. This stretch can help alleviate muscle tightness from daily office work, that last 5K or intense workout.


50-Minute Stretch

This session is our deeper and more extensive stretch that focuses on all major muscle groups in the 25 minute stretch, plus extremities like the lower legs, feet and ankles, neck, arms, wrists and hands. An ideal option for anyone struggling with tight muscles, aching or stiff joints. This head to toe stretch will leave you relaxed and lengthened.


Group Stretches

StretchLab is the leader in customized flexibility services and that includes our innovative group stretch! In each of our Flexogist-led group stretches you will be taken through a series of stretches fully customized for your level of mobility and activity. Each group will address all major muscle groups including shoulders, core, hips, back and legs.